Good Vibrations TV

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today, let us begin.

In recent months, the NFT community and it’s reputation is being questioned. Many dispute the value of the so called jpegs they ‘grind’ to acquire, whilst resenting the energy consumed by the technology that underpins it. There have been a variety of rumours questioning the intentions of some of the space’s biggest projects, whilst those that have benefited significantly from the industry’s growth, are less than subtle in the ways they share their (good) fortune.

Ultimately depending on your persuasion, you will see what you will want to see. The transparency that social media brings allows this to be played out in a very public arena. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The NFT community is unique. Self-labelled as degenerates (or degens), they span all four corners of the globe, all ages, all creeds and colours, from the rich to the poor. They’ve shown themselves to be fiercely loyal and commit levels of engagement usually reserved for religion or sport!

We believe that by harnessing these key characteristics of this creative and talented community, we can create a army for good. One that’s focus is not on floor price or visualistion of crypto forks, but on helping people within their IRL community and sharing it with the world.

Good Vibrations has been created to make people happier. As human’s we are driven to achieve and to improve our situation. But what if we had an additional daily aim - to make one other person’s day better? What if by doing this we could increase our own happiness and our own well-being?

From covid to economic recession, to civil unrest and country’s torn apart by war, life continues to be very hard for many people. We’re not saying that we can change the world, but to give some good vibes to those around them.

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